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Best Buy Support Ticket - Madison Heights, Michigan - Taken advantage of while disabilied

Best Buy Support Ticket - Madison Heights, Michigan

Taken advantage of while disabilied - bad service

Created By: Workforce's Picture Workforce Last Reply: Workforce's Picture Workforce
Priority Level: [Emergency] Status: [Open]
Created: 3 years ago Last Updated: 3 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0
Product: bad service

Last week I chatted on Best Buy chat system and explained what I wanted (laptop for sale at $329)and she looked up my trade in value of my current computer which was $150. I explained that I'm disabled and she explained that all I had to do was show my chat to a manager to be sure I get the value that I was quoted. Being disabled with poor vision, can barely walk or stand because of my other disabilities she promised that I would be taken to the front of the line. I get to the store and was told my computer was worth half what I was quoted just a few hours earlier. I asked for the customer rep to read my chat (which I still have saved) and she refused to and said I was out of luck. I asked for a manager, being able to barley stand and she said "the manager can't do anything to help you so I won't even ask for a manager to come over". I had to sit in a wheelchair as she went on out loud laughing about my disabilities. I begged her to read the chat and she laughed again and said that doesn't mean a thing. The nice person on the chat offered to do the trade in and sale me the computer I wanted online but being on disabilities I would need to pay with more that one credit card, which they only accept one credit card on online purchases. The chat also states they would transfer my data at no charge, but at the store the said the could do it for $80. I don't have much strength to talk or argue again because of my disabilities. So my down payment was not affordable anymore for me to buy a $329 computer plus the extra $80 to transfer files from pc to pc. She goes back to the qeek squad and made sure it was $80 to transfer my files from pc to pc. Now I hear the qeek squad and the customer rep laughing out loud about my disabilities which makes me feel like the size of a piece of sand and ashamed of my disabilities but kept asking for a manager and the customer service rep says "know one can help you, anything else you need?" The customer service rep started to put my computer back in my box when she dropped it and made a huge scratch, again she starts laughing and says you put the computer in the rest of the way. I never felt so bad about my disabilities that when I got in the cab I just cried. It's not like I was looking at a $1000 computer and expecting a huge trade in, I just wanted my cheap computer that I chatted with at that price I was quoted with trade in. I have copies of the chat and a picture of the large scratch which I took at the store so I had proof. I called the Best Buy customer service line 5 times and they only would say it's between you and the store in Madison Heights Michigan and offered no help. I called corporate 3 times and again they stated it was between the store and I. Nobody wanted to look at the chat that occurred just a few hours prior to the store opening. I feel so ashamed I can't go back to that store, I did call another store because I wasn't able to get out and they wouldn't let me talk to a manager and again said to go back to the Madison Heights store and I told them I didn't want to made fun of anymore because of my disabilities. I wasn't asking for much but in return I still feel ashamed and humiliated all from a chat that wasn't read and no manager either willing to talk to me, but was never asked to come over and talk with me. All this hurtful and shameful acts for a $329 computer in which per the chat hours prior promises my trade in for $150 and I would still need to use more than one form of payment. I told this to the cab driver and he was so mad he wanted to go in the store for me and make things right. I said no thanks I just couldn't deal with this anymore and he drove me home and didn't change me a cent for the ride even though I insisted. In fact the cab driver said here is $20 and get some pizza delivered, I will never forget that cab driver for his caring hand even though he had nothing to do with what went on at Best Buy. If only Best Buy would hire people like him it may make a very small part of the world better but in my case would have made a lasting impression even though he did make a lasting impression showing there a still a few people that care.


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