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Best Buy Review - Best Buy Chesapeake Store - Laptop/ Geek Squad
Best Buy Review

Best Buy Review


Best Buy Chesapeake Store - Laptop/ Geek Squad

I had a problem with my laptop and I took it in to the Best Buy in Chesapeake, VA and I told then what the problems were. There were atlease 6 different problems with the laptop. Well I was advised that it would more than likely be replaced since there were all of those problems with the laptop. Well I called a week or so later, and spoke to a person who was really rude and really did not know much. I asked him about the replacement of my battery. He said its not on the list and it was my dammed problem to deal with. I asked for his name. Then the person hung up on me. I called back asked for the store manager and this person named Bill Hallaway gets on the phone saying that he is the manager and he cocked a real bad attitude with me and said I would have to go to the store to sign a paper in order for them to order the battery. I told him I am all the way in Los Angeles and wont be able to do that. He said well that is your problem. I told him it would be Best Buys problem because they did not do their job in the first place and took work order and did not put that problem down. I said to him that if I had to come up there, I would pick up my laptop and take it somewhere else where the people there would know how to work on them and also knows how to treat their customers and some one would be loosing their job. He asked me was that a threat and I told him right there that I wanted to speak to his manager. He said he was bthe store manager. Then he hung up on me. I called back and I advised him to never hang up on me ever again. He said if I were to call up there againg to speak to him, he would call police for harrassment. Well I advised him that at that point they were not authorized from that point to have my laptop in their possission. That at that point it was now stolen property if they did not send it back to me, because I was not going to deal with idiots like that. He said he would refuse to return my laptop back to me unless I personaly went up there myself to pick it up. I then hung up with him, Called Best Buys Customer service help line, and filed a complaint with Jessica and she stated with all the trouble i had with the laptop she would think they would replace it. She advised me she filed a complaint on my behalf to the corporate offices so this problem with Bill Hallaway in the Chesapeake store would be delt with. Well someone from the Best Buy Corporate office called to the Chesapeake Best Buy because Bill Hallaway aka William Hallaway called the Chesapeake Police Department and filed a police report on me stating I threaten to come up there, but failed to tell the police on why. Well I found out that he called police when I went up to the Best Buy on 10-21-08 to pick up my laptop and I gace Steven my pick up reciept and he was all confused because William Hallaway (Bill Hallaway) put a note on my file to not release laptop and notify manager prior to releasing per Bill Hallaway. Well here I am waiting and I do go into the Best Buy with a witness because I had a problem with this store on the phone several weeks before. Well here this guy walks up to me and says I am Bill Hallaway and I am the one that called police on you and filed a police report on you. I asked him for what. He said because you said you were going to come up here. I advised him that he had no business doing that and I dont trust them with my equipment. I then took my laptop and walked out the store and here he follows my witness out to the front of the store and he harrasses her and leans over the counter and says to her do you want my information too? I called the corporated office of Best Buy and spoke to a person named Sarah Pieper in the Executive office and I explained to her on what happened in the Chesapeake store and what Bill Halloway did. She advised me that it would be against company policy for Bill Hallaway to file charges against any customer. She advised she would handle the problem and get back with me. Well I then called Chesapeake Police Department and they advised that a William Halloway did file a ploice report against me for telling him I would come up there, but failed to report to them on why I was going to come up there because they had my property and refused to give my personal property back to me, so I advised Bill Hallaway that I would file a report on stolen property, and that is probably why he called the police and filed a false police report. It is against the law to file a false police report against anybody. I advised Sarah at Best Buy Corporate office it is in her best interest to do something about William Hallaway on what he did against a customer, and threatened to keep personal property. She advised me that she called William Halloway at the Chesapeake store right away, and he stated he did not want any problems and I advised here he already had problems when he filed a false police report against me. I expected her to fire him if Best Buy and Bill Hallaway did not want a legal trouble. Sarah advised she could not tell me what actions that she took against Bill Hallaway. I was advised by the police that I could file charges against him for filing a false police report. Well when I did finaly get home to plug up the laptop, it took about 20 plus minutes to power up and all programs to come up. Well my internet still did not work, the power cord/ mother board was still broken, my keys still stuck, my DVD player did not work. So I called customer care at Geek Squad and spoke to Kenzier and explained whole problem to her and she was in Mission Control and she advised me to call the corporate office and speak to someone in the Disaster area. Well I spoke to Sarah again and she was really no help to me. Sarah advised me that she will defend he employees and condones him calling the police for her employees protection. I asked her what about the customer. Sarah had nothing much to say about the customer. Sarah did say at this point she will not take any action against William Hallaway and plans not to do anything for me for any inconvience that I was put through. I will do what I have to do to see to it that this problem get s to the highest Executives of the Best Buy Corporation. To this day I have a laptop that still does not work. I had purchased a 3 year policy that covers eveything that can go wrong with the laptop, so its covered. This problem is still not over yet. I will give an update on what happens from here. Anyone please feel free to contact me in reference to this problem. My email is: bestbuyproblem@yahoo.com

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charlierivers says: (10 years ago)
Best Buy is really good with those quick fix stuff. It's really their expertise.

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