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Best Buy Complaint - Took 4 tries and 2 weeks to deliver a dented dryer
Best Buy Complaint

Best Buy Complaint


Took 4 tries and 2 weeks to deliver a dented dryer

My name is Teresa. I am writing because I have spoken to many very polite customer service representatives and their managers over the course of the last month, but I need resolution for my dented washer that I waited 2 weeks to have delivered.

The following is the account of how Best Buy store #566 in Everett, WA scheduled delivery of a washer and dryer 4 times because they failed to deliver on the first three attempts. When the units finally arrived, the dryer was dented. When I called to resolve, I explicitly stated to the customer support representative that I did not want a Best Buy gift card as compensation, but before any meaningful discussion concluded we were disconnected. I later spoke with a manager and to my surprise, discovered that I had agreed to keep the dented dryer in exchange for $100 gift card. I was subsequently informed that the $350 in gift cards I had been promised by the various customer service representatives I spoke with over the course of these various issues were never sent, nor is there any record of the phone calls in which they were guaranteed to me taking place.

5/12/15 --I made sure all the parts were in stock in the warehouse because it was important to me that they be delivered as soon as possible. My sales representative, Garrett, who is also the manager of the appliance dept., acknowledged this and chose the soonest available time that met my schedule. Since I do not get home until 1530 M-F, Garrett scheduled a delivery for Saturday and informed me someone would call me with a more specific time frame.

5/15/15 I receive a call confirming the delivery between 1400 and 1600 the next day.

5/16/15 --0900. I receive a call to say that the drivers are running late, they will be arriving between 1500 and 1700. Due to this new development, I left my house with the intention of returning before 1430. --1330. I receive a call to say that the drivers were on the way to my home. I told the customer service rep. (name unknown) that they were not scheduled until later, and she told the invoice states 1400. I argue with her for a time but realize that I am wasting precious minutes because I am 30 minutes away at the mall. I drop what I'm doing to rush home. --1436: I receive a call from representative Tatiana stating the drivers are at my home but I am not there. I ask Tatiana to tell the drivers to wait, as I will be there in 10 minutes. --1441: *NOTE: 5 MINUTES HAS ELAPSED FROM THE TIME I LAST SPOKE WITH TATIANA AND ASKED THE DRIVERS TO WAIT* I park my car around the back side of my house and came in through my garage to open my front door (where the drivers were waiting) and watched them drive off. I chased them down the street and yelled and waved at them to stop to no avail. --1456: Tatiana calls back and I ask her to contact the drivers and tell them to turn around. --1800: The drivers have still not returned, so I call 888BESTBUY and was connected with Jonathan from the warehouse. Jonathan tells me that the drivers have moved onto their next delivery and will not be returning. I told Jonathan at this juncture that I had now lost all confidence in the Best Buy brand and asked him outright if there was anything he could do to make this right. He offered me a $100 gift card and I accepted. Jonathan assures me that he has scheduled the delivery for 3 days later (5/19/15) after 1600.

5/18/15 --[VOICEMAIL ROBOCALL]: Best Buy calls to confirm delivery next day between 1100 and 1300. (Not after 1600, as Jonathan had assured me.)
--1800: Call 888BESTBUY . I was told my order was not scheduled for after 1600 because “My Time” had not been added to my order. I am informed that there is no other time they can deliver on 5/19/15 because the schedule has already been posted. I talk to the first unpleasant person I have encountered throughout the entire ordeal, a manager (no name received). I explained what an ordeal this had become and asked him to therefore to cancel my order. When he became short with me, I told him not to do anything- I would rather call the store and deal with someone there (someone who was not making me uncomfortable). He informed me there is nothing anyone can do because he canceled the order, then hung up on me.

—1920: I call 888BESTBUY because I am upset. I find out the order has not been canceled. I choose to cancel the order (representative unknown).
—2030: Garrett at the Best Buy store (the original sales guy and manager of the appliance dept.) calls and tells me he can put “My Time” on the account, and offers me $150 gift card to keep the order. Again I’m told my delivery will be on 5/19/15 after 1600.

5/19/15 --~1230: I check my personal phone during my lunch break at work and saw I had several messages from Best Buy deliveries informing me that morning that they were coming and then they were in the area, then they were on their way to my home to deliver my washer and dryer. I called to intercept and let someone know there was no one home, but no one answered. I left a message on a strangers voicemail letting them know that no one was home at my address. --1600: I called 1888BESTBUY with intentions of canceling my order. I was connected with Ashley. I told her there was nothing she could do to save the order and I would like to talk to a manager. I believe I was then connected to Pamela who gave me a $100 gift card and added "My Time" deliver to save the order. -- 2030: Spoke to Travis at the warehouse. He confirmed delivery for the 22nd between 0900-1100.

5/22/15 --0937: The unit was delivered. The delivery was good, and the install people were kind and professional. Once the units were installed in the house, the dryer was noticed to be dented in 2 places on the top. I was given two options, I could refuse the dryer or I could keep the dryer and take a payment for damaged items. I was not ready to make a decision at that moment.

— Time unknown: Called 888BESTBUY to explore alternative compensation for the dented dryer. I am connected with Travis from the warehouse again. I asked if we could get a protection plan added to the washer and dryer instead another gift card and he tells me that a $100 gift card or sending the unit back are the 2 choices any customer service representative can offer. I told him those choices were unacceptable to me. I told him specifically that "I do not want another Best Buy Gift Card" based on my experiences I don't particularly want to give Best Buy more business. But what I do want is a protection plan on my washer and dryer. Travis told me that he could speak to the store through which the units were purchased and find out what can be done. After waiting on hold for approximately 20 minutes, a lovely sounding albeit thoroughly confused young lady from the store answered the phone. She was unable to help me, as she had no idea who I was or why I was on the line so she politely bowed out and we hung up, ending the phone call with her, myself and effectively Travis.

6/9/15 -- Time unknown: Call 888BESTBUY and get connected with Ramona. I ask to speak with a manager and am connected with Jeannette. Jeanette informs me that I "agreed to keep the dented dry for a $100 gift card" according to the phone record. When I asked who I could speak to about this (i.e. who is Jeanette's manager) I was told the only way to contact anyone above Jeanette is to write an email to the corporate office. I also learned that anytime a phone call gets cut off (like Travis connecting me to the Best Buy store on 5/23 then hanging up), the phone call is not recorded, therefore is no record of the several promissory compensatory gift cards.

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