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Best Buy Complaint - Geek squad
Best Buy Complaint

Best Buy Complaint


Geek squad

I think it is crazy that a so called geek squad knows less that me about computers and I am a 21 year old girl. On the first occasion that I learned about their stupidity, my dad took his laptop in because he got a virus and needed the files off his computer. These are very important files and the so called geek squad sent his computer out and said that his hard drive was fried. He sent the laptop to HIS I.T. people and they pulled the files off in minutes. THEN today I took my brand new laptop in because the internet wasn't working, no matter what I did. They barely looked at it and said there was nothing they could do. If I wanted a replacement I'd have to pay a 15% restocking fee. Well then why did I pay for a warrenty!!! I swear geek squad is a joke. They should have to have a BA or something.

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darkcrimson says: (7 years ago)
Interestingly enough, I applied with them fresh out of college (Computer Science), and they told me I was "overqualified". Any instance you take in a computer; it will be either the hard drive or a virus according to Geek Squad. If your computer doesn't work after warranty replacing a hard drive or paying 120 dollars for them to backup your data/format/reinstall Windows, they'll say there's nothing they can do and make you buy a new computer. I feel sorry for people who had to pay hundreds of dollars only to be kicked in the balls.

aarley says: (9 years ago)
I am having a problem with Best Buy as well. I submitted a claim at the end of July because the HDMI port on my Panasonic DLP failed and the bulb is starting to flicker.
First, I called in to get my TV inspected and they did not have an appointment until 8/18. I told them that was too far out and they said they could send out a 3rd party vendor and they would call back to set it up. I called them back 2 days later because I never got a call. They said, "sorry" and that they would call back with someone.
3 days later they still had not called so I called them and they said "sorry" again and that they would call back with someone. 2 days later I get a call from a vendor that advised me that they do not work on Panasonics!
I called them back and demanded that the Geek Squad come out to my house. Now it was after 8/18 anyway! They said that they would.
3 days later i get a call from another 3rd party vendor who says that they were dispatched to repair my TV! At that point i just wanted it done.
I told them the problem and they only had the HDMI issue listed, not the bulb, but they said that they would take care of it anyway. They called Best Buy back and started to search for the part.
They called and told the Repair Lady that the part did not exist because Panasonic did not make them anymore. Now, the main issue was because Best Buy did not keep track of what they were doing, Best Buy had to search for the part 3 times because they never documented that they already did it.
Finally, last week the repair person got an e-mail from Best Buy confirming that they could not get the part and they were going to send the request to the review dept (this was after the 3rd attempt to order the part) to replace my TV. I would probably end up with a voucher to replace the TV. She advised me that the process would take 3-5 business days.
I was fine with that because that would mean that I would get the voucher before the labor day sales and I started to look for a new TV. But, of course, Best Buy didn't document it again!
So this week, we find out that they have to reorder the part again!
I called and ask why they have to do it a fourth time when we have an e-mail confirming that they have already done it and they say that they just have to.
They wont accept the e-mail from their own company as documentation. They advised that they will have to go through the process again, and that once they verify the part is not in, the review will take 3-5 days.
I raise hell and get a supervisor, Ben, on the phone. He tells me that he will just get it over to the review dept, but it will still take 3-5 days. I still raise hell and says he will get it reviewed in 4 hours. that was today at 8am. I waited until 3pm and there was no call back.
I called and left a voice mail for him and still dd not get a call back.
I called on my way home from work and got another supervisor, Ricky on the phone. All he would tell me was that there was no such thing as a 4 hour turn around and that the first sup told me "misinformation".
He continued to quote me 3-5 days and said that the department that handled the review of the replacement did not take incoming calls. I asked him to call them and he refused.
I asked him to e-mail them to assist me and he refused. the most he would do was e-mail them to get them to call me, which I doubt they will do. I asked for a customer complaint line and he refused to give me one.
He also refused to give me his manager and refused to transfer me to another sup. I advised him that it seemed like they were looking out for their own interests more than mine as their customer and reminded him that we had a contract together. He refused to do anything that would assist me in any way shape or form other than quote me 3-5 business days for the turn around on the review of my claim.
I ended up calling back and got the corporate complaint line ans spoke to Leanne. I told her the issue and advised her that I was going to be out the sales on labor day because of their mistakes.
I asked her to assist and advised that I just wanted this to be resolved. I advised that I wanted assistance to expedite the process on the review. She started to argue with me! Talk about customer sevice! The only time I was hearing anything about good customer service from Best Buy was on their recordings when I was on hold!
Leanne went on to advise me that the 3-5 days was the expedited time frame! I said that this was not as everyone before her said that this was the standard time. She said that it was not and that there was nothing that she or anyone else could do.
I asked for the name of the CEO and at first she said that she could not release it as it was confidential. I had to remind her that it was public info and she finally advised me in an extremely rude fashion and we disconnected.
This entire experience has been one of the worst customer service experiences of my life! Every action has bee prompted by me, I will be losing out monetarily because of their inaction and poor handling. All I want is my TV and my time back!

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