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  • Online ordering

    My husband and I are long time customers at Best Buy we always make big purchases at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year on 11/24/16 we decided to buy a 70 in Vizio M70-D3 at $1699.99 and a remote at $49.99. Order BBY01-793096023785.  We placed our order and our Best Buy card was charged the $1872.48 on 11/24/2016 then on 11/27/2016 we get an email that our purchase can not be processed and find Best Buy split the order and is trying to charge us $53.49 for the remote and $1818.99 for the TV AGAIN and they are of course being denied they already charged it 3 days... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
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  • Best Buy customer service and price

    Just returned from the Best Buy store in Hiram, Ga. I went with the intention of buying a big screen television and some accessories. I know that Best Buy has a price match guarantee, and after spending some time with salesman "Robb", I was ready to buy, but wanted the same price as I was able to find at another large box retailer. Robb seemed to be a bit agitated, but went to ask about the discount. He came back and said "Sorry, but no additional discounts on Black Friday discounts. When I protested, and cited their price match guarantee, Robb decided that he would just walk... More...
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  • Digital Download Nightmare

    Purchased a PC game as a Digital download. It was my day off (which are few and far between). I was expecting it to be relaxing, instead it was a NIGHTMARE. After I purchased the PC game I was told I would receive it in an hour. The next day I still didn't receive anything so I called to check on status. The woman in the Digital Downloads department said quote: Sometimes the downloads work, sometimes they don't. WTF! She said she would resend email in 10 mins and hung up. Hours went by. Still nothing. Called again and she gave me the installation code to write down. But the code... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
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  • Poor customer online service

    I tried 3 different days to order a gaming chair to be shipped to my grandson in VA for his birthday and every time I hit "submit order" it said I needed to enter shipping address...which I had done countless times! I finally gave up on having it delivered and asked my son in law to pick it up at a store near where he works. The online orderingprocess is terrible and I apparently missed the place where it asked for the name of the person picking it up. So it defaulted to my name. I live in PA so not possible for me to pick it up. I called customer service to let them know my son... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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  • online shipping

    We ordered movies and games online to be shipped to our home. Twice we have received the wrong product, then we are responsible for returning the item. Now we preordered the Madden game and the estimated delivery date is saying one month from the release date! What was the point of pre-ordering the game? I could just go to the store and buy it, why did I waste my time to go online??? Won't be using Best Buy online services anymore. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Best Buy Geek Squad

    I purchased Web Root anti virus with my new laptop and also Geek squad service. They are both terrible. The Web Root will not allow downloads from the internet and the Geeks did not do what I asked. I gave them a laptop that had a virus and asked them to reformat the drive. They did get rid of the virus but I still couldn't get on the internet. A friend cleaned it up so I could surf again and I had to reformat it myself . They either don't listen or they are inept. More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • don't buy on sale @Bestbuy

    My husband bought a floor model LG 4 drawers fridge on sale right after Christmas. Few months later had a problem and then some with it. LG sent service tech over to take a look and order parts and never came back. I later called the services co. and LG back and forth many times over the 2 months period and still no one shows up after appointments were set up by LG customer service. I wasted few days of work just to stay home either to wait for the service guys or LG stuffs. Eventually, LG suggested that they will replace the fridge to me free of charge when I send them the purchase... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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  • Best buy reviews and complaints

    I deliberately purchased my laptop and the most comprehensive warranty from a business in my community. I did not buy the HP warranty because there was no local service offered. Initially, I had been happy with my purchase and the customer service I received when I bought a 17’ HP laptop and the three year all inclusive extended warranty at Best Buy. I began having some problems with the laptop in the fall of 2009. I called to make an appointment to have it fixed and I found out that my computer would have to be sent out of state and I would be without one for at least 2 weeks!... More...
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  • Worst Buy

    My LG 42 inch flat screen with DVR died after two years. I figured it was no big deal--I had an extended warranty. I first reported the problem on New Year's Eve 2008 to Best Buy customer service. The Geek Squad was all booked up, but they hooked me up with an independent contractor (Advisory TV) here in New York. The repair guy showed up Monday 1/5. He said he needed a part to fix the TV; it would take a week to two weeks. It's 1/28. Repair guy returns with part. LG TV still doesn't work. He says it'll be up to 10 days to get another part that "should" fix the... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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