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  • Best Buy servie

    Ordered and paid for a refrigerator on 09-02-15. Was told it would be delivered on 9/9/15. At the time of order there were 8 in stock. On 9/9 they arrived to haul away old refrigerator but did not have the new one! Customer service stated they were now out of stock and would not deliver until 10/23. Best buy did not have the courtesy or service to inform us of this, we lost work as well as emptied and disconnected the old refrigerator. Absolutley horrible customer service. More...
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    Had went into best buy in Erie,Pa buying a Toshiba worth over 800. Went to school did not hook up to internet. Did not hook up to internet at home residence or anywhere. Was promised that once I had bought my laptop Geek Squad would start up my laptop from when I bought it. Thhe sale assosiat had told me and my entire family who was there when I had bought it . When I came back for them to set it up they did nothing for me and sale assosiat had told manager she said nothing of the sort. Horrible customer service More...
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  • No Service in the Store

    I tend to avoid Best Buy, because I never have had good service in one of their stores. You cannot find people to help you, and when you do, they often know little about the item about which you seek input. Just got a new car and, after watching some product reviews on YouTube, I decided to drive 15 miles to Best Buy, because one of the YouTube reviewers said he bought his remote start at BB and they did a good job. I know I do not want to self-install, so I made the trip to BB. I walked in the store just before 3 PM on 30Aug15 and it was not very busy. Lots of blue shirts, but no one... More...
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  • Fraudulent purchase

    We received our AT&T cell phone bill yesterday 8/10/15. On it were 3 $849.99 I-phones that were purchased at a Best Buy on 7/26/15. We got the bill adjusted through AT&T and found out that the only way this could have happened was that someone got a hold of my husband's social security number. I called the 888 Best Buy number to see if I could get anymore info, such as which store these purchased were made. The first person I talked to said my husband had an account there, when he does not. I went through 2 hours of transfers, hangups and being on hold for more than 30... More...
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  • Geek Squad Lies

    I took my 2 1/2 year old Dell All-In-One computer to the Geek Squad in Grand Junction, Colorado with a "Preparing Automatic Repair" message. The Geek Squad put in their boot disc and after waiting a few minutes removed it and told me that my hard drive was bad. Told me I could send it in but usually it is more expensive than just getting new computer. I was upset that they could not retrieve my photos and documents from the computer and they told me to remove it myself. I took it to a computer savvy friend of mine and asked him to remove it for me so I could retrieve my... More...
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  • Be careful of purchasing phone contracts at Best Buy

    Similar to a review posted by another Best Buy consumer who purchased/upgraded a Verizon Wireless account at a Best Buy store (in Nanuet, NY) - we were told the charades would be approximately one amount and when the bill arrived it was approximately $60 more than we were led to believe. There were 4 of us in the store and we all left with the same understanding. A Verizon representative told us it was a Best Buy issue and Best Buy told us it was a Verizon issue. Since Best Buy sold the plan it seems as if it is primarily their responsibility. The representatives in the store either... More...
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  • Coupon exp. by one day

    Was spending over three hundred plus had to order the fit bit. Trainer Because they are all out, which I was find with that. I spoke with the manger and ask if somehow He would be able to over ride it being that I'm spending a lot already? He was rude and not even willing to see hear me out! I was upset and felt like he had no compassion on hearing anything and had his mind set with NO... Even if it's coupon is expired I know that as a manger he could have try to help me out. I've spent a lot over the Christmas holiday and never have been treated like this manger has made... More...
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    I visited a Best Buy on 3/27/2015 to purchase a camcorder (HDR-PJ540) for a possible trip to Europe. The original price of the camrecorder was $699.00 but had a sale price of $399.00 because it was on clearance. I spoke at length to a salesperson and mentioned to her that I needed to verify that my Sony Blue Ray had a port on it in order to view our trip. I returned to the store on 3/30/2015, and noticed that the camcorder was not only removed but if I wanted to purchase another one the cost would be $795.00. I told the manage that I was there on 3/27/15 and he said that nothing could be... More...
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  • HP Bad Keyboard

    I have purchased many computers and various products from Best Buy but this last go round was a Doozy ! Window 8 is for the birds, and I had to bring it back the same day I picked it up in Dec of 2014. My tech savy guy said there was something wrong with it when he tried to install it for me. I work out of my home and need a reliable Desk Top as well as a laptop both by HP. The replacement system worked ok but the Keyboard became a nightmare, missing every third or fifth letter or number typed. Same for the spacebar and such. I called Best Buy and explained my problem and they said bring it... More...
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  • Don't trust Best Buy

    Do not trust Best Buy for accurate information regarding mobile phone service. I went to the Best Buy in West Simsbury Connecticut on 12/22/15 to upgrade my phone due to a friends news of a great deal. I was told when I inquired about upgrading to an iPhone 6 that there would be a credit from AT&T of $25 per month on my bill so the $25 monthly charge for the phone would be $0. "Wow, what a deal" I thought. "Are you sure?" I repeated more than once. "Yes" I was told each time. On 1/1/15 I took my son down for a new iPhone 6 . They told us his $25 dollar... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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  • delivery sucked

    The Best Buy Paramus (Garden State Center) appliance center distribution center sucked. 1. The scheduled delivery time for a Drier (appliance) was between 1230pm to 230pm. 2. We took hold day off from work to ensure that the delivery runs smoothly. 3. By 3pm nobody called so we followed up. The best buy customer service representative called the distributors and said they were running an hour late. 4. We double checked with the customer rep that they have the correct phone number. 5. By 530pm- nobody came or called. 6. We called best buy customer rep at 530pm to follow-up and was... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Horrible GEEK Squad service.

    We purchased a TV from Best Buy and ordered installation service from GEEK Squad. On our initial appointment they came without a certificate of insurance (we asked for it!), waited a little bit and then left. Then the guy called from them and told us that we need to reschedule the appointment, since they didn't have this certificate. I called million times to their representatives to reschedule it and make sure they have the certificate next time. However, when they came for the second time, they did not have it either. I called again, however, my calls were either ignored or just... More...
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  • horrible customer service

    I bought a dell laptop on line through best buy. I found the keyboard was wired and not a US key board,. But they refused to return or exchange it because I have got it for 15 days. When I asked if they could help me to replace the keyboard, then they asked to contact dell, then contact Technical service, however no one want to take ownership of my issue. At last, someone told me the issue is not sutable for them, and suggested me to go to store and find a sales assoiciate to ask if they could help me. It was unbelieveable to me. One more thing is that they sent my GPS to the wrong address... More...
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  • Zero Communication

    I purchased a dishwasher on Friday, 12/12/14 from the Best Buy Destin FL store, to be delivered locally on the following Monday. The purchase was to include delivery, installation and haul away of the old unit. The salesperson told me that delivery would be between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., but that I would receive a call on Sunday to establish a more specific time. When I had not received a call by 5 p.m. on Sunday, I began to attempt to contact the store, using the number given. After long waits and being disconnected a number of times, I finally reached a person who said I would receive a... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Don't buy at Best Buy

    Don't buy at Best Buy buy at Costco. Assistant Manager Shawn at Best Buy Montgomery Pennsylvania store refused my return of Motorola Modem after we looked up receipt and found it and recognized that I spent over $10,000 in 2 years. Would not exchange the faulty modem. Gave him many opportunities to stand by the product they sell. Costco would have done it no matter what. Item still like new and had plastic but it was just over the return time. Even had the nerve to say it's not a doc 3 should be a doc 3. Looks at it closely and said "wow" it is a doc 3 but still... More...
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  • Warranty on Computer Magically Disappears!

    Bought an HP from in September, only to have the hard drive die a few months later. Since it was in warranty I did the logical thing and brought it in to be repaired. A week later I come home to a message with a quote of $126.79 to fix it. They are claiming the manufacturer denies any warranty on this machine. I'm looking at the item on the website now. 90 day parts, 90 day limited labor. The agent I spoke to with Geek Squad brushed me off and referred me to the store because it's not their problem. Asked for a supervisor and was disconnected. Called the store... More...
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  • defective cell phone

    From November 29TH, I have been trying to get my phone working through best buy geek squad replacement plan. Every phone they send out was defective. The first phone kept rebooting over and over and wouldn't stay on. The second phone wouldn't turn on period. Am still waiting for the box from Dec 16th today is Dec 22. Geek squad in store and over the phone SUCKS! They are definitely not geeks. Worst service ever. I don't recommend Bestbuy protection plan to no one. More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • Poor Customer Service Levittown NY

    I ordered an item online and saw it cheaper at Target the day I received. I went to do a price match during the Black Friday weekend and was told that no price matches during these 4 days, which is fair. I then asked can I use this add after that and was told yes that I have 30 days. Not true, as I was told today, but the topper is the General manager had no clue my wife was near him and he said "No, these people want everything for free. If you can't afford things then don't buy them at Christmas." My wife interrupted and told him that he was talking about her husband,... More...
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  • Best Buy poor salesman

    On 12/06/14 we purchased a new computer from the Springfield, IL Best Buy. During the sale my husband and I felt "pushed" toward a particular computer. Neither of us is very computer competent, so we explained our needs and relied on the salesperson. After deciding on a computer we were asked what operating system we would need. We stated we wanted Microsoft office, excel, and publisher. The salesperson grabbed a program and stated it was what we needed. Of course it was the most expensive. When we got home we found that it did not have publisher after loading it. I... More...
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  • receiving conflicting information regarding reschdule delivery

    I have someone calling me regarding special delivery for 12/13 since delivery for 12/11 was cancelled due to mechanical issue. When I called back the first time the said 12/17 was the earliest they could reschedule - pushing me out 1 more week instead of accommodating and making those who already was scheduled a priority. I contacted the Arden Way store in Sacramento Ca and they were going to look into it. I received a call again from the Tracy Warehouse and was told that I would be scheduled for 12/13 and they were sorry for the confusion. I told them that I was not in agreement with the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Best Buy in Garner NC

    I use to be a frequent buyer at Best Buy but after July and August of this year I do not want to purchase a phone from them! Kyle and another salesperson sold me a iPhone 5S and told me it had never been used! Well It has and it is a piece of "Junk"!! Then when I went to talk it back to the same sales person he advised me I would have to take it to the apple store which is ridiculous because you have to make an appointment online! I advised him if he would have not sold me something that had been returned before that we wouldn't have a problem! All he was worried about was... More...
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  • Lousy Tech service

    I recently purchased a R-S201 receiver and a pair Yamaha speakers from Best Buy in Lafayette, LA. I asked the sales person if these speakers would work with this receiver, of course he swore they would! Well guess what according to Yamaha they WILL NOT! Best Buy - you should know better! Read the damning series of events below. You just lost a customer. Yamaha, you guys need to contact Best Buy and set them straight. Their on-line chat help service (whatever) swears up & down that the 6 ohm speakers will work. I already took it upon myself to return the two Yamaha speakers and... More...
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  • Best Buy lost my reward points and elite status.

    About 9/3/2014 I was having trouble with my rewards points, and the account was no longer available to access I was told by customer care(less) The suggestion was that I open a new account and they would transfer my 5093 points and elite status to the new account. It is now 11/19/2014. In 2 1/2 months I have talked to 13 different CS people and my account and status is still in limbo today. They have 300 people at the call center so you can never get the same person who promised to call back with a resolution. I even have an email from Best Buy telling me I have 5093 points and suggestion... More...
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    I FEEL DISCRIMINATED AND TREATED LIKE A THIEF GM Name Daniel Forte Location Danvers MA My second visit to this location same problem with same member. I wanted to purchase 9 gift cards. When I went to pay for them GM Daniel Forte came out of his office to attend me. He then told me that I cant purchase 9 gift cards. So he took all 9 to the office to verify if he can sell me 9. I thought it was strange because he's a GM. So then after waiting more than 10 minutes Daniel came out and told me just to wait longer. Then after waiting some more he told me I... More...
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  • Trade IN Service

    Looked into the value of my ipad as a trade. There were three questions: Any screen cracks? no Any damage to back panel. small dent Did you wipe out the contents of the ipad. yes they offered over 125.00 pending inspection. Sent package to Chino CA address. They received item in undamaged box. After inspection they said there were numerous dents dings and broken glass. the offer was less than half of the original. Be careful! Take pictures (which I didn't) you are still taking a chance because if they say it was damaged you are between a rock and a hard place. You have two choices take... More...
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  • Month Old Best Buy Computer Broke

    Wow, I must say I'm very disappointed in Best Buy, which was the company I'd always go to for my electronic purchases. Not anymore! My Mother recently purchased a new laptop from Best Buy, which has a one year warranty. One month and the computer stopped working. Took to Geek Squad inside Best Buy and they said the hard drive went bad. First they wanted to charge her $70 to fix the computer, which is only one month old. Finally after arguing for a couple minutes they said it would be fixed free but would take up to a week to get the part. For one I feel they should have... More...
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  • Samsung broken washing machine

    I bought a Samsung washer model WA 400PJHDWR/AA and in just over a year of use it broke the pump on the bottom of the washer putting water all over the floor and down through my crawl space under my house. I have researched this model after this happened and have found there are many complaints on this model. I contacted Best Buy and they said it was out of warranty and to call Samsung which I did and they referred me to a company called AE which does service for Samsung and they had made an appointment for 9-24 and they never showed up or called to confirm. Wont be buying from Best Buy or... More...
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  • Bad Customer Service

    I am a very embarrassed and unhappy customer due to the inadequate policies of Best Buy. I have purchased a laptop with no issues and paid it off and have an $8,000 line of credit. Last month I purchased a 60%u201D flat screen TV with sound bar and included having installed. All payments made timely and I have an excellent credit rating that supports this. On 9/6/14 I went to the Mt. Juliet Best Buy store because my laptop was not working correctly and was advised I needed to get an anti-virus protection added to my machine. They recommended Webroot which also entitles me to the... More...
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    (Repair Services)
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  • Best Buy in St. George has horrible customer service

    On August 1st at 8:30pm I went to the cashier and gave him two Skylanders swap force quick draw rattle shakes to purchase. I was excite to find these because they're impossible to come by. He scanned the package on one and it came up with an error saying the product was recalled. He didn't know what to do and kept scanning it. I said, could you scan another item like it or just manually put in the price? He said he'll have to call over someone. A woman then came over and didn't address me or smile and just said let me ask the manager on duty. She then took it over to the... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
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  • customer service

    returned a couple of items on a Saturday afternoon...accidently left my phone on the counter. Did not miss my phone until Saturday night .Hoping that it would turn up...decided to wait until Monday to buy another phone. After I purchased the phone.i reported the other as stolen.thirty minutes after it was blocked and shut down..My daughter received a call from Best Buy...requesting that I come pick it up....They had Saturday evening, All day Sunday ...why call after it was reported stolen?..said they put it in a safe for safe keeping...really? Several of my pictures had been deleted. and... More...
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  • Credit Card

    I was lured in to applying and using their credit card for a purchase discount, it takes either going into the store with cash to make a payment of mailing a check, they provide NO electronic means of any kind to make a payment except by phone. After having a manager at the store refuse to take my payment in the form of my bank debit card and requested cash, my account became a week late as a result and they rewarded me with a bad mark on my credit report. Buyer beware, when dealing with Best Buy if you must, pay in cash or use your own credit, bottom line is do not owe them anything when... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
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  • Customer Service?

    n June 23, 2014, my daughter stopped at the Roseville MN Best Buy store to purchase a CD. When she could not find the CD on the sales floor, she asked for assistant from store personnel. She was assured that the CD was indeed available. Over the next FORTY minutes, she was handed off to two other customer service reps who offered little assistance, information or explanation. The common denominator among all three customer service reps seemed to be an attitude that was 180 degrees from the term “Customer Service”. Upon receiving the desired CD, she asked to speak with the Store... More...
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  • Rude Cashier! Very inconsiderate!

    We shopped at Best Buy Union City June4 2014 Wednesday exactly 3:45pm. When we arrived inside best buy we go directly to the cashier because my mom's gonna pay her best buy account and she knows we're together. Then when my mom was paying to the cashier i left her there because im goin to find a headset because im going to buy one. Then when im about to pay it and my mom was still there signing the receipt she said i cannot do the payment because i need to fall in line! What the heck! She knows i was there before. And one more thing only one person is behind us!! The store is not... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • Horrible Customer Service

    I have been a very loyal customer of Best Buy and have purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of merchandise via online and in store from Best Buy. However I placed an order this week on line and paid for expedited shipping. When my package was to be delivered the UPS driver did not leave the package with a note stating that it required signature for delivery. This is the first time ever that Best Buy has required my signature! Had I known this I would have had the item shipped to my office, rather than my home. At any rate, I signed the authorization form and left it on... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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